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Family Photo Archive – 2004

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December 2004

Baby Girl turns one year old!

Faith's “buggy” birthday decor

Faith thanking Ella for coming to her birthday party

Mommy and Daddy helping Faith
unwrap birthday presents

Faith with her little bee mascot

tuckered out honeybee

celebrating Mommy's birthday

nothin' like cuddlin' with a horsie to help Baby Girl sleep

shortest day of the year

Faith's holiday portrait

early Christmas morning

all presents accounted for

Jamie introducing Faith to
Chuck E. Cheese!

“Where do I put the tokens?”

November 2004

Baby Girl helping Daddy fix the tractor

Faithy's first tractor ride!

Faith visiting Emily, Luke, Uncle Brian and Grandpa Paul in Seattle

Faith and Uncle Brian

our first Turkey Trot,
early Thanksgiving morning

Faith enjoying her
after-the-race yogurt

October 2004

Fannins on the Texas Star ferris wheel, Texas State Fair

Mommy and worn-out Faith,
Texas State Fair

Cutie Faith

Faithy's first pumpkin

Honeybee Faith and Fairy Ella at Faith's first Halloween party

Honeybee Faith and Daddy

September 2004

Sweet Faith portrait

Faith and Mommy's first portrait

Faith crawling like the wind

Baby Girl on her first horsie!
(American Miniature Horse Association World Championship Horse Show)

August 2004

Faith and Mommy swimming at
Burleson Community Pool

Faith playing in the grass at
Burleson Community Pool

Faith getting Grandpa Paul's nose

Faith and Mommy at
Ella's first birthday party

Daddy and Faith at
Randol Mill Water Park

Faithy sunbathing at
Randol Mill Water Park

July 2004

first Fourth of July parade

celebrating Daddy's birthday

enjoying the “beach” water entry at
Helen Wessler Pool

catching up on some reading at
Helen Wessler Pool

“You say I get my own talk show?”

“Woo hoo!”

play date with Ella

Big Girl Faith's very own booster chair

June 2004

first bite of solid food

Faith earning her keep

Faith's first swim

longest day of the year

May 2004

Mommy with two of her “babies”

Baby Girl in the buff!

Faith and Mommy hiking in Wichita Mountains National Wildlife Refuge

Faith and Daddy chillin' on
the mountain top

Fannins in Wichita Mountains
National Wildlife Refuge

Faith enjoying a short break
from hiking

Grandpa John and Grandma Sue
  entertaining Faithy

first trip to the zoo with
Grandpa John and Grandma Sue

April 2004

Little Person Faith

Faith helping design new landscaping

Flowerbonnet Faith

Cutie Pie Faith

Faith portrait

Faith Easter portrait

March 2004

Faith and Mommy meeting the neighbors' newborn calf

Bailey and Abigail

sweet Baby Gund bear

Faith reading her book

February 2004

Faith and Daddy in
Valentine's Day snow!

Faith and Mommy

January 2004

The Fannins – and baby makes three!

flower girl

beautiful Faith

Faith with Mommy and Grandma Sue

Daddy with a lesser-known
Dr. Seuss character

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