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Family Photo Archive – 2005

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December 2005

Faith turns tiki tiki two!

kickin’ back on the sands

the heat gets to the hula girl
(it was 88 degrees outside!)

not quite sure how to blow out
the volcano cake

cuddly Christmas creatures

“helping” mommy make cookies

Grandma Sue and Uncle Wally

taming the beasts

Faith wins her first ducky game
with her cousins

festive headgear required

“The Birds”

Oregon coast

November 2005

“Here kitty, kitty, kitty.”

Faith and Kaylea checking
out the pachyderms

yes, kitties make wonderful “featherbeds” for baby dolls

Thanksgiving dinner on the table
and a bun in the oven

a splash of color for the fall wardrobe

Fort Worth Turkey Trot 2005

October 2005

Kaylea and Faith,
cowgirls extraordinaire 

Faith's Tinkertoy sculptures –
look out Christo . . . 

nothing like falling asleep with a fry dangling out of your mouth

Monsters Inc.’s Sully and Boo at
Fort Worth’s Boo at the Zoo

Sully and Boo, treatin’ at the zoo 

Growltiger tolerating Baby Girl

carving pumpkins with daddy 

more of the same with mommy 

September 2005

running with the gulls
Chicago, Illinois 

Faith and the Chicago skyline 

taking in the sights on a boat tour 

Faith and mommy at Chicago’s “bean” 

“Hey Mr. Giraffe, I’m almost
as tall as you now!” 

feeding the cows at the
Lincoln Park Animal Farm 

a special message for daddy 

guess who got into the diaper cream? 

August 2005

Faith with her own version
of “breaking bread” 

a trail of destruction always
leads to a baby girl 

Faith helping daddy sound
out the words 

“Hello, Triple A? I think I’ve
got a flat hoof.”

July 2005

Fourth of July parade
Arlington, Texas 

mommy and Faith watching
the parade 

Happy Birthday, Daddy! 

this is tasty, but when do
we get cake? 

tuckered out Faith 

one baby is good, three are better!

ball pit at Kidz Rule
 (not letting go of those babies!)

like any good mommy, Faith involves the babies in fun games 

“If I wear them like this, maybe I can garden without bending over!”

“Here, take my baby in case you get lonely on your bike ride.” 

June 2005

Faith with Daddy after his bicep reconstruction 

it’s true what they say about
babies and boxes!

appendectomy, schmappendectomy! Daddy just wanted more attention . . .

“A stroller for dolls! Aren’t I a doll?”

18 months going on 6 years

looking more like a baby in
mommy’s Pooh shirt 

May 2005
Oahu, Hawaii

first ever trip to a beach,
Waikiki Beach 

“Hey, where's that mai tai
I ordered half an hour ago?”

testing out the ocean water
with daddy

climbing her first “rock wall”

“I bestow blessings upon this
beautiful isle of . . .”

“. . . where are we again?”

Dave at the base of the same falls filmed on the tv series “LOST,”
Waimea Valley Audubon Center 

view of Honolulu from
Diamond Head

USS Arizona Memorial,
Pearl Harbor

sunset stroll along Ala Moana,

checkin’ out the lemurs,
Honolulu Zoo

The Fannins at Manoa Falls,
near the University of Hawaii 

primitive landscape
just minutes from Honolulu

Kualoa Regional Park

mommy and Faith at Kailua Beach

soft, white sand and
gentle-as-a-whisper waves make
an excellent spot for a
girl to ponder the meaning of life

Maui, Hawaii

enjoying our accomodations

playing at Kaanapali Beach, named America’s Best Beach 2003 

at the Mendes Ranch in Kahakuloa,
on Buster (l) and Lucky (r)

about to set off on our snorkeling adventure at Molokini

tiger shark swimming underneath
our snorkel site 

handsome fella giving me
the ol’ “turtle eye”

cruising the rim of the volcano, Haleakala National Park

daddy and Faith,
Haleakala volcanoscape

our very own “goofy foot” surfer

portrait at the luau in Lahaina

Baby Girl giving the “thumbs up” on our helicopter tour of Maui

Sunshine Helicopters’ “Black Beauty,” and the Fannins

hiking to the black sand beach in the distance, Waianapanapa State Park

Dave demonstrating the black sands symbol for “Look at me!”

we braved a death-defying hike to reach the secluded Red Sand Beach

as it turns out, Red Sand Beach
is a nude beach

the Pools of Ohe’o (Seven Sacred Pools) along the Hana Coast

Hawaiian Faith

back home

Faith fascinated by this incredible contraption daddy’s building

Baby Girl on her way to her
next client meeting

Growltiger halfheartedly indulging in Faith’s attempt to carry him

Faith testing out the “Slip ‘N’ Slurp”

April 2005

Easter portrait

Faith looking like our little girl
instead of our little baby

Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure

our littlest mommy
(cell phone and all!)

hanging out in the front yard

first iris of the spring

March 2005

Faith and Miss Debra . . .

. . . playing peek-a-boo!

are we seeing a pattern here?

peek-a-boo again!

Faith showing off her literary skills to librarian Grandma Sue

“Whaddya mean ‘in the Easter basket?’ I say ‘in the mouth!’”

February 2005

Faith reading up on the latest toddler activities in Babybug magazine

petting a baby goat at Faith’s first
Fort Worth Stock Show

“Mr. Kangaroo, you must be
from West Texas.”

“Ahhhh, that's why you call
them ‘pigtails.’”

“Now, which way were those
baby goats again?”

she won't be a baby much longer . . .

January 2005

Honey Bunny playing picnic
with her winter bunny

“Um, how do I move if my feet
don't reach the pedals?”

playtime with Daddy at Warren Park

Faithy sharing her ball at the park

“Hmmm, if I climb in here, the toys will have to go out there . . .”

“How cute am I?”

The Fannins

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