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Family Photo Album

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October 2006

“Just one more . . .”

“and . . . one thousand! Whew!” 

bathtime babies

Faith doing some work for mommy

“Who needs oatmeal when there’s all this yummy cat food lying around?”

Dora the Explorer and
her sidekick, Boots

Dora, at Fort Worth’s Boo at the Zoo

tuckered out Boots

September 2006

Faith’s first ER visit

four stitches to the chin 

Gracie in the buff 

Grace’s first solid food

the girls reading

the family that vacuums together,
stays together

our happy Little One 

Faith’s first swing set 

add a baby swing and it’s
fun for everyone!

sweet baby girls

August 2006

Gracie’s first plane ride

the girls and Grandpa Paul

Great-Grandma Rybka and Gracie

Grace chatting with Grandma Sue

Grace and mommy 

Great-Grandma’s 90th birthday 

Uncle Wally and Faith at the races 

drive a Model T Ford, get a pig – you got yourself a Pig-n-Ford race

blustery Oregon beach

the cousins at Saltair

the girls making each other giggle

Faith “shares” her toys with Gracie

July 2006

Fourth of July parade
Arlington, Texas 

Gracie taking an intermission
during the parade 

swimming with daddy

letting the neighbor’s cat out 

“Hey Mommy, check this out:”

here . . .

I . . .


Faith reading to her baby

Faith reading to her baby sister

June 2006

Faith with the toolbox she built

Gracie kickin’ back in her bouncer

look closely . . .

Faith’s first overnight guest

May 2006

hangin’ loose

Grace’s first swim

for the 27th time in a day:
”Can I hold my lil’ sisser?” 

hmmm . . . sometimes it’s
best not to ask

Gracie’s first camping trip

campground geese cruising
for handouts  

April 2006

Grace getting some grandma time

“Why won't she latch on?”

squeaky clean girls

the girls and Grandma Sue

let the egg hunt begin!

gathering the bounty

first Easter portrait

sister Easter portrait

rocking our babies to sleep

chores are fun with a baby (doll)!

March 2006

long-overdue baptism

Grace is here!

The Fannin Girls

sister kisses are the best

proud daddy

our little honey bunny

precious Grace

“So you’re my sister, eh?”

sweet dreams

hilarious dreams

Ryan and Faith

our two sleeping beauties

February 2006

lasagna – that’s amoré!

Faith and Ella

opening gifts for baby Grace

Faith gets a new baby (since
mommy gets a new baby)

January 2006

nothing says “style” like pj's
and pretty shoes

Faith, Grandpa Paul and Dr. Seuss

testing out the “big girl” bed

checking out daddy's new studio

“If you get really tired, I think
it’s okay to crawl.”

baby goats at the
Fort Worth Stock Show

“Where did you say the
next stop was?”

every girl needs a bear
that’s bigger than her

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